Henri - 5AAAA


Colonel dans l'armée canadienne,

vice-gouverneur du Manitoba

Constance 1872 - Montréal 1958

X en 1898 Agnes Robertson

(Londres 1870 - Montréal 1962)



Kandy (Ile de Ceylan) 1899 - ?

X en 1917 Clifford England (1894 - ? )




Ontario 1905 - ?

X en 1931 Patrick Fuller (1899 - ? )



Extrait de l’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia: LT.-COLONEL COUNT de BURY, C.B.E.  De BURY and de Bocarme, Lt.-Colonel H. R. Visart, Count. C.B.E. - Superintendent, Dominion Arsenal (Department of National Defence), Quebec. Born Constance, Germany, June 11, 1872, eldest son of Robert Visart, Count de Bury and de Bocarme. Educated: Stoneyhurst, England, and The Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada. Received Royal License to use the title in the British Realms, November, 1910; was A.D.C. to the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, 1912-16. Entered R.G.A., 1892; became Captain, 1900; was Garrison Adjutant, St. Lucia, 1902-05; Professor, The Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada, 1905-10; retired, 1911; joined the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, 1911. Was a Lieut.-Col. commanding a Canadian Field Artillery Brigade, Expeditionary Force, and later Director of Canadian Ordnance Services, France. Awarded C.B.E.  Clubs: Manitoba ( Winnipeg ); Garrison ( Quebec ). Residence: Artillery Park, Quebec, P.Q. Source: Prominent People of the Province of Quebec, 1923-24, Montreal, Biographical Society of Canada, Limited, undated and unpaginated

FOREIGN TITELS IN THE UK LG 13 Dec 1910, issue 28446 p.1.
Whitehall, November 19, 1910.
The KING has been pleased to give and grant unto Henry Robert Visart de Bury,Esquire, Captain in His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Artillery, eldest son and heir of Robert Gonzalès Dieudonné Ferdinand Visart, Count Visart de Bury and de Bocarmé, who was eldest surviving son and heir of Alfred Julien Gabriel Hippolyte Visart de Bury and de Bocarmé, who was eldest son of Marie Philippe Joseph Julien Visart Count Visart de Bury and de Bocarmé sometime Governor of the Island of Java, son of Marie Dieudonné Louis Joseph Gustave Visart, Count Visart de Bury and de Bocarmé, son of Louis François Visart Count de Bury and de Bocarmé all deceased, His Royal Licence and Authority that he and the heirs male of his body in succession (being respectively subjects of His Majesty's Realms) upon whom the title of Count de Bury and de Bocarmé shall descend may bear and use the said title of Count in this Country in the manner declared in the Letters Patent or Diploma granted by Her Majesty the Empress Maria Thérèse to the said Louis François Visart and bearing date the fifth day of September, One thousand seven hundred and fifty-three. And to Command that the said Royal concession and especial mark of Royal favour together with the said Letters Patent or Diploma be registered in the College of



deBury file, Heritage Resources, 1958.

Col. De Bury Dies in Montreal at 86

Col. Henry Robert Visart, Count de Bury and de Bocarme, died Wednesday in hospital at Montreal . He was 86. A native of Saint John , he was educated in England and at the Royal Military College , Kingston , Ont., where he also taught from 1905 to 1910. He received royal licence to near the title count in 1910. After service with the British army, Col. De Bury became director of Canadian ordnance service in France during the First World War. He was director of Saint John . Montreal and Miss Madeleine de Bury of Vancouver , and one brother, Cyril de Bury, residing in Massachusetts . Montreal and European Countries; Mrs. P.C.