Robert son histoire

Voilà une intéressante biographie de Robert. Elle nous raconte son histoire mais également celle de la famille Visart. De quoi alimenter quelques recherches futures!

deBury file, Heritage Resources, 1907.

Belgian Nobleman Long a Resident of This City


Twelve Children Survive - He Suffered a Stroke of

Paralysis in May Last and Never Rallied - Was Belgian

Consul Here for Long Time

Count Robert Visart de Bury died on Saturday night about 10 o’clock in the private hospital here, aged 59 years. Nearly two years ago he underwent a painful and difficult operation in Montreal from which he appeared to be recovering nicely when he was overtaken by a stroke of paralysis while visiting friends in Newtonville ( Mass. ), last May.

As soon as he was able to be moved he was brought here under the care of a doctor and a nurse and had been receiving treatment in the private hospital since. He never seemed to regain his strength after the paralytic stroke and became gradually weaker til the end came.

The Countess de Bury predeceased him about a year, and he is survived by twelve children. The eldest is Capt.Henry R.V. de Bury, R.A., professor of mathematics in the Royal Military College , Kingston , who was recently gazetted a brevet major. The other sons are Charles V., Lucien, Robert W., Francis and Cyril. The daughters are madam Jeanne de Bury, a nun in the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Malta; Marie, wife of P.Charles Schenkelberger, M.D., Chicago; Constance, wife of Daniel Mullin, K.C. of this city, and the Misses Helen, Madeline and Gertrude. There is also one sister, Sister Marie Buckmane, a nun in the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Marvejois, Lazarre , France . The funeral will be held from the residence of deceased’s son in law, Mr. Mullin, 104 Carmarthen street , probably on Tuesday afternoon.

Count de Bury was a Belgian nobleman of high rank and the representative descendant of a distinguished family. His full title was Count de Bury et de Bocarme and he was always styled thus in official communications from his government. As the title indicates it comprehended the lordships of Bury and Bocarme. These estates were granted to Col. Francis Visart with the title to count buy the Empress Maria-Theresa in 1750. In the 15th century, however, a

There was also an English branch of the family. The earliest named of this is Phineas Bury, who in 1666, obtained a grant of land in Limerick and settled there. It was from him that the earls of Charleville, a title extinct since 1875, traced descent. A great uncle of Count de Bury was an Austrian field marshal in the wars of Napoleon. This was the celebrated Marquis de Chasteler whose victory in the Tyrol in 1809 made his name memorable. The marquis died in 1832 as governor of Venice . Through this family as well as his own Count de Bury could trace his lineage among the most ancient nobility in Europe beyond the period of the first crusade.

Mr. Mullin wired Capt. De Bury of Kingston Saturday night and until an answer is received final arrangements for the funeral will not be announced.

Voilà un extrait du journal officiel de Grande-Bretagne de 1910 accordant à Robert le titre de "Count de Bury and de Bocarmé"

LG 13 Dec 1910, issue 28446 p.1.

Whitehall, November 19, 1910.
The KING has been pleased to give and grant unto Henry Robert Visart de Bury,
Esquire, Captain in His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Artillery, eldest son and
heir of Robert Gonzalès Dieudonné Ferdinand Visart, Count Visart de Bury and de
Bocarmé, who was eldest surviving son and heir of Alfred Julien Gabriel
Hippolyte Visart de Bury and de Bocarmé, who was eldest son of Marie Philippe
Joseph Julien Visart Count Visart de Bury and de Bocarmé sometime Governor of
the Island of Java, son of Marie Dieudonné Louis Joseph Gustave Visart, Count
Visart de Bury and de Bocarmé, son of Louis François Visart Count de Bury and de
Bocarmé all deceased, His Royal Licence and Authority that he and the heirs male
of his body in succession (being respectively subjects of His Majesty's Realms)
upon whom the title of Count de Bury and de Bocarmé shall descend may bear and
use the said title of Count in this Country in the manner declared in the
Letters Patent or Diploma granted by Her Majesty the Empress Maria Thérèse to
the said Louis François Visart and bearing date the fifth day of September, One
thousand seven hundred and fifty-three.
And to Command that the said Royal concession and especial mark of Royal favour
together with the said Letters Patent or Diploma be registered in the College of